[Ansteorra] Attention Youth Rapier Fighters

elizabeth at crouchet.com elizabeth at crouchet.com
Tue Jan 16 12:35:35 PST 2007

The Guardian of the Queen's Hope tournament is less than two weeks away! Her Highness has requested Letters of Intent from 
those wishing to enter her tournament. 

As the Marshal in Charge for this tournament, I want to encourage you all to send those letters in right away. 

All youth rapier fighters that have any access to this list should now consider themselves poked with a sharp stick. If you are 
reading this and can see one of those fighters, poke them for me. 

It is iced over outside and you have nothing better to do than to sit down right this minute and write that letter and send it off!

I expect her Highness's mailbox to be flooded in the next two hours. 

If you wanted it to be pretty, make it as a document and export it then send it as a .pdf file just in case she does not have all 
those fonts and pics.  Contact me if you need help with this. 

If you are not yet authorized, contact me to make arrangements.  I will not do authorizations on the day of the tournament. I will 
do paperwork for authorizations by prior arrangement only. You and your trainer need to contact me to make those 

If you are not sure if you are still authorized, check the list on the website. If it is not accurate tell me what is missing and I will 
get it updated. Do it now while we are iced in and have time. 

Claire Shayhan
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal

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