[Ansteorra] ice, ice baby

Laura Betenbaugh mbetenbaugh at houston.rr.com
Tue Jan 16 21:49:03 PST 2007


> They let Fort Hood go home early today with a late reporting time 
> tomorrow.
> But if it keeps it up through the night, I won't be going in tomorrow
> either.
> Gilli
> Burkhaven, An Odyssey of Learning

I left work 2 hours early today when I discovered my horse trailer, with my 
horse inside was covered with a thin sheet of ice. I work Mounted Patrol at 
I-10 and Beltway 8 in Houston. My partner left at 7:00 because 290 was icing 
up and his horses are kept off of 290 and Cypress Rosehill. (N. W. of 
town). I live SW of town, and stayed an extra hour. I had no problem getting 
home, but stayed off the freeways, and traveled surface streets to avoid 
crossing bridges and overpasses. I didn't want to try driving a truck 
hauling a 4 horse trailer on ice. Thank-God I'm off tomorrow.
Good luck, be safe, and stay warm and dry if you can,
Lorraine Fraser 

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