[Ansteorra] A bit off topic, perhaps

Vicki Marsh vmarsh at twmarsh.net
Wed Jan 17 06:18:51 PST 2007

Ikea will probably have them, too.

That place (in Round Rock) is soooo cool! Plan on spending several hours in
there and wear your walking shoes!


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Perhaps a local elementary school can help you locate chairs.  If they are
not getting rid of some, perhaps they know a cheap source.  The chairs for
1st & 2nd graders are tiny!  I remember being able to swing my legs when
sitting in one of those way back in 1st grade.....


Here's the thing. We've built a Hall. And in the hall, amongst other
things is a Children's room. It's about the size of a small bedroom. So
I'm looking at trying to find some "smaller" chairs for them to use.

I'll add Goodwill to the list.


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