[Ansteorra] Keep those hands warm!

Chiara Francesca chiara.francesca at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 22:01:37 PST 2007

Alrighty, had a few emails from folks asking for the glove pattern that Dyan 
and I used for the kids mitten class. It is a pattern for adults as well as 
kids. :)

Here is one of three patterns we used to base it off of:

This is what it looks like when done:

As far as we can tell these are very similar in cut to the Merovingian boy's 
(There are several fragments of leather mittens.  Two such mittens, found in 
a boy's grave in Cologne Cathedral, were stitched over the whole hand 
surfaces in lines that formed a lattice.  Doppelfeld, Otto. "Das frankische 
Knabengrab unter dem Chor des Kolner Comes" in "Germania" 42, 1964, 

If you have a copy of Boucher's book look for it on page 161.
Here is a link to a period mitten for embelishment 

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