[Ansteorra] Candlemas Rapier Tournament

Alice Morrow Harris AliceMorrowHarris at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 21 09:47:01 PST 2007

My Lords and Ladies!  Good gentles all!

Two Ladies of the Court have a bet to settle, and they need the help  
of those whose passion for bravery, honour, and the sweet words of  
courtly love will woo them into believing that courtly love not only  
lives, but thrives in the hearts of Rapier fighters near and far.  
Come Gentles all and vie for the hearts of these fair Ladies and the  
glory of serving the fair Barony of Bryn Gwlad as her Champion. The  
Ladies of the Court are looking for the one who shall bear the favour  
of their heart. Bring your swords, bring your words, and bring your  
deeds of honour and chivalry.
Rapier Tournament format shall be: Double Elimination
Bouts are to be determine at random by the List Mistress.
The Ladies of the Court shall choose the weapon style for that round  
and all bouts are to be fought with that style.
If you should have questions, feel free to send word.

I pray these words have found you well and look forward to seeing you  
on the field.

Lord Rene Damours, Cadet to Don Connor Drummond

---Better to keep away from justice. A hard life, outright stupor--  
with a dried-out fist to lift the coffin lid, lie down, and  
suffocate. No old age this way-- no danger: terror is very un- 
French.  Arthur Rimbaud, "Bad Blood"

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