[Ansteorra] Announcement of Flail Experiment

Jean Paul de Sens jeanpauldesens at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 20:09:44 PST 2007

In accordance with the rules of the SCA, and with the knowledge of the
Crown, Coronet, and Society Earl Marshal, and based upon consultation of all
involved, the kingdom of Ansteorra shall be running an experimental singled
handed singled headed flail program for the next six months.  This program
starts officially yesterday, and will end at the King's Round Table in July,
where I will present the results of the experiment to the Crown.   These
weapons are 100% experimental, and the rules governing their use are listed

   1. They must be constructed in accordance with this
   2. These weapons can only be used in tournament and individual
   combat.  No use of these weapons in melee will be allowed at this time.
   3. The use of this weapon shall be restricted to experienced
   fighters.  No unauthorized fighter may use such a weapon, nor may a fighter
   of authorized for less than six months use this weapon unless under the
   direct supervision on an experienced fighter.
   4. All combatants and marshals must consent to the use of the weapon
   or material before combat begins. If any of the marshals or combatants
   object to the use of the material or weapon, the material or weapon may not
   be used.
   5. As of this point in time, weapons may only be inspected by myself
   (the EM), HG Patrick Michael, Sir Godwin, and his Highness (soon to be his
   Majesty) Romanius.  I will have more marshal's available soon who can
   inspect the weapons.

To answer some questions before the even get asked, I've included the
following quick FAQ:

Q: Can I make a two handed flail?
A: No.

Q: Can I make a flail with 3 heads?
A: Again, no.

Q: Can I make a flail with two pieces of rattan, and a head?
A: No!!!

Q: Can I make the head out of a Dog Toy (kong toy)
A: What?  Are you insane?  No!!!

Please feel free to ask any question you like, just not those.

Sieur Jean Paul de Sens
Earl Marshal

"Everybody works, no one quits."

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