[Ansteorra] Honey for Brewers

Magister Galenus Ockhamnesis galen at chirurgeon.org
Mon Jan 22 16:40:15 PST 2007

I have purchased some from 
<http://www.eBeeHoney.com>www.eBeeHoney.com. You can order the 
crystallized honey somewhat cheaper and it still works fine for brewing.


>Guten Tag,
>  I have a questions for the brewers in Ansteorra.
>Please respond off list.
>  I have  mundane friend who brews mead and ale.
>Currently he just buys 2 pound jars of honey from the
>grocery store.
>   Where are better locations or dealers to buy honey
>in larger quantities?  I'm in Elfsea, so someplace in
>the Central region or on the Internet would be best.
>   He has not joined the Brewers email list yet, but I
>am working on him.  :-)
>Lady Hanna

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