[Ansteorra] Honey for Brewers

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Jan 23 04:41:10 PST 2007

>  I have a questions for the brewers in Ansteorra.
> Please respond off list.
>  I have  mundane friend who brews mead and ale.
> Currently he just buys 2 pound jars of honey from the
> grocery store.
>   Where are better locations or dealers to buy honey
> in larger quantities?  I'm in Elfsea, so someplace in
> the Central region or on the Internet would be best.
>   He has not joined the Brewers email list yet, but I
> am working on him.  :-)

As others have responded publicly since this is something many are
interested in, I'm going to do the same.

Bulk honey is actually fairly easy to come by if you know where to look.
Many home brew supply stores carry it. Sam's and Costo usually have the ~4-5
lb containers at a reasonable price.

I'm not sure what specialty stores you have around you, but in Austin we can
pick up bulk honey, including by the 5 gallon bucket if you ask, at places
like Sun Harvest, Wholefoods and Central Market.

As someone pointed out, www.ebeehoney.com has decent prices at $135 per 5
gallon bucket plus $36 for shipping. That is about $2.35 a pound.

While doing a Google search (which is typically what I do when comparing
pricing) I found the following as well:

	Jackson Apiaries - $99 per 5 gallon plus $43 in shipping (possibly
better if more than one 5 gallon order)
	Dutch Gold Honey - $76 to $90 per 5 gallon but they don't list their
shipping & handling on line

I've bought from Good Flow Honey before with very good pricing, but they are
local to me so they delivered it straight to my house without shipping
costs. http://www.goodflowhoney.com

Being in Elfsea, you might want to try Burleson's in Waxahachie to see if
they have bulk you can pick up. They even are listed as selling it by the
tanker, but at 3750 gallons, I think that a little much for most people.

If you are looking specifically at local sources, you can try the National
Honey Board locator service at:


I hope that helps folks.


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