[Ansteorra] Kings Round Table

Duchess Julia seneschal at ansteorra.org
Mon Jan 22 15:01:30 PST 2007

Greetings Ansteorra!

I would like to thank M'lord George (site coordinator) and the members
of the Shire of Rosenfeld for hosting King's Round Table.  The event
went extremely well with many shire members available to assist people
when needed.  The hot soup served at lunch by Lord Charles O'Floinn
made the cold, drizzly rain bearable.

Waivers continue to be a big discussion item.  We managed to reduce
the number of waivers from 4 to 2.  We will no longer use the
individual adult and individual minor waivers.  For adults, we will
use a roster waiver and for minors, the (family) waiver form in which
you can list more than one child of the same family.  These "new"
forms should be on-line in the next few days for your use.  My thanks
to Mistress Perronnelle for her work in this area.

Overall, the Kingdom is in great shape!  Thank you to the Kingdom
Officers who trekked to Longview to teach classes and to those
participants who came to attend those classes.

In Service,

Duchess Julia
Kingdom Seneschal

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