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> Hi every one
> Hi every one!  I have a bit of an odd question to ask.  Before I ask my
> question I would like to give you all the premises of my question.  I am
> doing research on The Nights Templar for a history book that I will
> eventually have published.  So with me not knowing what to really ask my
> self questions wise to help guide my own research leads me in to my question
> that have for all of you.  My question is, what question do all of have that
> I can use to guide my self in the research on The Nights Templar which will
> be used to wright my history book that will be published?
> From,
> Joshua McCoy

1.  When, Why, and How were they formed?
2.  How were they organized?
3.  What did the Saracens think of them?
4.  What did the Christians think of them?
5.  What did they think of themselves?
6.  What effect did they have on the Crusades and on the history of the Holy
7.  What effect did they have on Europe?
8.  How and Why did people join?
9.  How did they live after they joined?  How were they trained?
10.  Where did they get their money and what did they do with it?  (BTW this
question is very   important to their history.)
11.  How and why were they suppressed?
12.  What lasting effect did they have on our History?

     Once you can answer these questions you will have enough information to
begin organizing the real research.   You can't really understand the
Knights Templar unless you also understand the world in which they lived, so
you will need to study the Crusades, including the events that led to them.
Some Church history would be useful too.


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