[Ansteorra] A MAJOR FUSTRATION!!!!!!!

Lightfootcim at aol.com Lightfootcim at aol.com
Fri Jan 26 22:28:47 PST 2007

A few things you might want to consider:
1.  This list goes out to all of the kingdom and in some cases  furthur, and 
what is written is a reflection of the person writing the  post.  While I 
understand that you are frustrated at what ONE person wrote,  you are airing it 
for the whole list to see.  Should the rest of us pay for  what ONE person did?  
I personally don't think he meant the harm you think  he did, but that is 
between YOU and HIM.  Most of the responses to your  post have been helpful and 
polite.  Is it really necessary for the rest of  us to be a part of the 
"yelling" and bad language?  It can only look bad on  you, but then again, the 
decision is yours.  If it were me (or most people,  I think), I would have emailed 
him privately and hashed it out.
2.) If you don't want people to know that you have ADD or for that matter,  
anything else, why on earth did you put it on a list like this one?  Most,  if 
not all of the people won't make fun of you, but if you put information out  
there for public consumption like you did, you open yourself up to help and/or  
If you have any comments to my post, I would appreciate a PRIVATE  reply.  
Please do not post anything to the list.
In Service,
H L John Lightfoot

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