[Ansteorra] An explination on my actions.

Joshua McCoy myrddin at nerdshack.com
Sat Jan 27 14:58:04 PST 2007

Hi every one!  I am making this post to save me time and energy on making personal e-mails to every one on why I did with the post "A MAJOR FUSTRATION!!!!!!!"

1)      I have a zero tolerance policy with comments such as "ADD huh?  You should... oh look at the shiny object."  Because of the next 3 reasons.

2)      I am a domestic violence victim.

3)      I was made fun of all of my life by other people just like the person that I told in my last post that is still in lots of Dog Do Do with me.

4)      Also it shows how ignorant and stupid that the person is when they make these type of comments such as "ADD huh?  You should... oh look at the shiny object."

Yes I was wrong on how I went about this problem.  The harshness and the point that I was making remains, I will not ever take this type of Doggy Do Do again or in the future by any one.  As for the comment "I have ADD myself and it is not an excuse for poor spelling and grammar."  I have the one simple point to make every one has there strengths and weaknesses, and one of mine is English so it is a legitimate excuse that I am ADD.  This is why I did the public post to show others that I will not take this type of Doggy Do Do and to let the person that I was and still am mad with the same thing.  If no one likes my harshness then so be it.  Now every one now why I am and was so mad.  There will be no further discussion about this any more, end of story, and point made.


Joshua McCoy

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