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_*SCA in the News: Volume 1, Issue 19 - June 12-July 4, 2007*__*
*_ _*
Middletown's Middle Ages 
Midstate Living, Delaware
"I love the freedoms involved in being an American right now. I was not 
born in the wrong century. I'm just one of those people who are 
constantly curious," says Boyser, who has explored many of the crafts 
and "gentle arts and sciences" of the SCA."
*_Club That Re-Enacts Middle Ages Celebrating Anniversary_* 
AZCentral.com, Arizona
"At the time I joined 23 years ago, I was working a lot and my doctor 
told me to find a hobby to get rid of stress," Alger said. "I found 
this. A few months later I went back to the doctor and he asked, 'What 
are you doing? Basketball? Football?' I said 'No, I'm dressing in armor 
and beating on my friends with sticks.' Not what he had in mind but it 
**_Medieval Organizations Emphasize Combat, Ways of Life_* 
Iowa State Daily, Iowa
Nine-year member Christina Kitson, known in the SCA as Xristiana 
Bogardus, said the term "recreate" is preferred because there are 
certain aspects of the medieval time period intentionally omitted, such 
as slavery, sexism and lack of bathing.

_*Alamogordo's Own Lord of the Rings 
Alamogordo Daily News, New Mexico
The two most common weaves are the basic European, known as a 
four-in-one weave (four rings onto every one ring) and the king's weave, 
known as an eight-in-one weave (eight rings onto every one ring). Other 
weaves that Winsor has mastered are the Byzantine, gridlock and Persian, 
the latter having six or seven different weaves within the overall 
pattern itself.

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