[Ansteorra] Coronation Congratulations

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 09:11:56 PDT 2007

  I applaude the Shire of Emerald Keep for being very flexible in dealing with the heat and the flood waters from the last few weeks.  First time autocrat Lady Katarzyna Nikolaieva did a fabulous job, and everytime I saw her she was still smiling and in good humor, though I'm sure her feet hurt.  
  Also, I wish to congratulate Feastocrat Lady Prudence the Curious, for wonderful period sideboard and the evening feast.  It became apparent in the early afternoon that the day was progressing at a quickened pace, perhaps due to the heat.  What most were not aware of, Prudence was able to adjust her cooking times by 2 hours, so the feast was hot, fully cooked and ready to serve by 5:30, instead of the original 7:30 time...a miraculous feat!  All the dishes were wonderful, particularly the custard tarts, stuffed eggs and cheese topped mushroom caps, and the leak and milk soup...yummie!   Recipies will definately we wanted, and no one went away hungry.  
  A job well done Emerald Keep! 
  I for one will be looking forward to your next event, Laurel's Prize Tourney, 
  in September (at the different site).
  Cheers, Hillary 

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