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Alix deBohun czarena_unrest at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 09:41:58 PDT 2007

Have a patch with your arms on it applied to the child's clothing, perhaps
with your name embroidered on it as well. If the child cannot remember your
SCA name(s), anyone even remotely adept at heraldry can match the arms to
the banner at your campsite or pavilion

>>>>>>> end quote

I realized early on that my son needed to know HIS name at HEB, Target, etc if he got lost "Would Johnathan Krell's mother please come to the service desk". But at an event, his name wouldn't do him much good. So he doesn't know my mundane name at all - he will tell anyone who asks that my name is Mommy Alix. He also has a Seawinds shell - if someone doesn't recognize my name, they can look for any of my shire mates! Of course, if I ever get my arms done, I'll put that on him as well. 

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