[Ansteorra] Some words of advice and help to my Historians

Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 05:19:56 PDT 2007

Dear Historians,

As reports are rolling in, I am hearing a reoccurring theme from my local
Historians which I wish to address.

It would seem that many of you are finding your populace reluctant to share
their own personal history of awards and honors with you. Or you are having
trouble getting people to share their stories of the past with you. Here are
some strategies to help you overcome their reluctance.

1. Realize that it may not be reluctance at all. It may be simply that they
are very busy and forget to tell you. Try this to help them remember.
       A. About once a month, put a reminder on your group's email list that
you would like to hear word fame for any *honors* that people may have been
given at any events they may have attended. Don't use the word "awards"
because some people think that you are asking what the Crown gave them and
they may not have gotten any of this type of "award".
      B. Always mention this desire of yours for this information in your
newsletter report. You are, of course, writing to your local newsletter
regularly I hope, even if it is just a "Hi! I'm still here and I want your
stories." sort of blurb.

2. Realize that many people either do not read their emails and newsletters
OR they read them and forget to share with you. Over come this problem with
the direct approach.
      A. At your populace meeting, ask if anyone knows of word fame for
anyone in your group that has happened in the last month. People just love
to "rat out" their more humble friends at such a point. And you get your
group's history recorded. But have your pen and paper ready. Don't rely just
on your memory.
     B. Pay attention to who is going to what event and then either approach
them at populace or other gatherings or pick up the phone and call them to
ask them to describe the event to you and who else was there. Don't be so
shy yourself!! You are the group's Historian! You are supposed to be
interested in what has happened. Its OK to be nosey. Ask, ask, ask!!!
     C. The same goes for finding out what has happened before you became
involved in the group or the office. Don't be shy of those who are the
pillars of your community! Often these Peers and Nobles have the best
history of all to share with you and the least amount of time to sit down
and answer a newsletter or email request. So, visit their encampment, set up
a time to chat with them after court, approach them in a quiet moment, get
an appointment to visit them in their homes. I promise you that 99.9% of the
Peerage and Nobility of this Kingdom would love to talk with you but will
not have the time to seek you out. You MUST go to them. They *will not* bite
your head off with a polite request for a bit of their time.
     D. That being said, be sure you have a specific question you want
answered. Ask "Do you know any memories of deeds or events you would like to
share about our first Baron?" is a better question than "What can you tell
me about the history of our group?"

3. Realize that your populace will only be as interested in their history as
you are. You must make them realize that what they are living through is
what those who come after will be interested in. So I urge you to review how
you have approached your office. Do you act interested in your office and
what you are trying to accomplish? If you act interested, you will find that
you *are* interested and people will respond to you be becoming interested
in sharing with you what you desire.

4. When they share what they know, be sure YOU share it with the rest of the
group either in your report, in your email list, in your newsletter or in a
display you design for your event or populace meeting or fighter practice
or....well, you get my drift.

I hope this will help you as you continue to gather the history of our
Kingdom. Thank each and every one of you for your help. I couldn't do this
without you. Until then, I remain...
Forever in Service,
"Muneris ultra Sanitas"

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