[Ansteorra] Noblesse Oblige alive in Bonwicke?

Lord Elfsea lordelfsea at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 22:54:06 PDT 2007

Unto my right noble cousin, Baron Kainin Tepesa, Lord Bonwicke, do I,
Baron Armand Dragonetti, Lord Elfsea, by grace of Their Stellar
Majesties Ulsted & Ebergardis, send warm greetings.

Noble Cousin,

Let me be direct. I am concerned for you and your lands. I watched
most carefully as you renewed your oath of fealty to the Crown of
Ansteorra, swearing to care and protect Their Majesties lands in the
west. I could not help but wonder at the irony, but perhaps your idea
of protection differs from my own.

I love you cousin, and these words, painful as they are for me, are
spoken out of genuine concern.

I realize, as do we all, that you have a new Mistress who brings you
much joy, but, and please forgive my forwardness, may I suggest that
she does distract you a bit too much from your stewardship in the
West? Tis true, your taste is exquisite, no faulting you there, but
one must remember a bit of decorum. To cavort so publicly, is this not

You also now seem content to focus on gentler pursuits, traversing the
kingdom in an obvious effort to curry favor by chronicling the affairs
of state for Their Majesties. Transparent cousin, most transparent.
But more than that, do not these travels take you far from Bonwicke?
It is this that speaks more closely to my *true* concern.

In recent year's, I have observed your lands repeatedly besieged by
brigands and nefarious upstarts. My generous nature attributed these
difficulties to happen stance, but I now see that there was indeed
cause. Your apparent lapse in judgment would embolden any rogue with
sinister intent. The criminal Ruspoli was almost your undoing, and
then his bereaved widow, out for vengeance? Bonwicke, that shining
star of the West, nearly sacked by a woman!?! Heaven helps us.

Now, as I take stock of Elfsea, assessing her wealth and
fortifications, I am well pleased. My only concern: Instability in the
West. Can you assure me, cousin, that you are indeed in command and
have a formidable force at the ready?

As much as I love you, dear cousin, I love Elfsea more and am not
prepared to gamble her safety on inattentive brethren. I look for your
swift reassurance.

In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I remain,
HE Armand Dragonetti
Baron of Elfsea

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