[Ansteorra] A letter to the baron and Baroness of Namron

syr_owen at nordsteorra.org syr_owen at nordsteorra.org
Wed Jul 18 08:23:11 PDT 2007

Prynhawn da unto the Baron and Baroness of the Sable Storm,

Most revered Excellencies I pray this missive reaches you. I have heard 
disturbing rumors, even though the swamp dwellers from Trimaris have once 
again been stopped in what is now known as the Kingdom of Glean Abhann. I have 
heard from travelers through my lands that raiders from that fowl Kingdom have 
been seen in our blessed lands. I can only assume that they have heard how 
wondrous our lands are and what blessings are given to those who live here.
I will go and search these raiders out and make sure they have nothing but 
pain and woe to take back to their foul Kingdom. I have heard that a new 
Captain of the Baronial guard has been made. I believe the selection of Bjorn 
is truly a boon to the Barony and the Northern Region. With a new Captain this 
is the time that the guard must ready what forces it can for the coming 
conflicts. For the Trimarian foe must be stopped on all fields of battle. From 
the hours of service to the fields of A&S, our Rapier and Chivalric fighters 
must hone there skills, our Bards must sing louder and longer. It is not 
sufficient that we only stop them at Gulf War but we must insure that the 
serpent tongues of their ambassadors do not poison the other Kingdoms against 
our glorious Kingdom at the great Pennsic War in Æthelmearc. 
Please speak with your cousins throughout the bejeweled regions of our Kingdom 
and urge them to begin preparations now! I have heard that throughout the 
kingdom there have been many calls for a muster for the troops to train. The 
mighty army of the Northern Region has already begun training for the coming 
conflicts it is time that the might of the Sable Storm be added once again to 
this glorious endeavor.
I only hope this reaches you if the news that comes to me is true then the 
roads are not as safe as they should be and the King, the Queen and the Heirs 
must be made to know of this. I fear only more taxes on our weary citizens are 
coming. I leave at the coming of dawn. My family will be well protected by my 
squires. Look to the beautiful Baroness and pray alert the guard that our 
lands are being troubled. By my hands do I put words to page and send this to 

Syr Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn  ap Llewellyn ap Gruffudd ap Gwent ap Bredd ap 
Camden ap Anarward Marchog of Ansteorra

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