[Ansteorra] A proclamation to the Province of Mooneschadowe

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Wed Jul 18 08:30:37 PDT 2007

A proclamation to the Province of Mooneschadowe,

Oh mighty Mooneshadowe I proclaim to one and all in your lands that the sword 
Eclipse has been well cared for and is indeed protected.

I know that the might of the Liondragon Guard is feared throughout the lands 
of the filthy swamp dwellers of Trimaris like the sun. Just to hear the words 
Liondragon guard causes them to recoil in pain. However fear will not hold an 
enemy at bay for long. I have heard reports that the blessed lands of 
Ansteorra have been glimpsed by these filthy beasts. As anyone who has seen 
the accursed lands from wince they come knows, they can only dream of the 
wonders of the lands of Ansteorra. I fear seeing such a glorious place will 
only encourage them to attempt to come here.

I leave soon to check the lands I am sworn to protect. I will bring death and 
pain to any of those that bear the accursed trifoil. I only ask that as in the 
days when I called Mooneschadowe home that all that are able prepare for the 
coming conflicts. The mud dwellers will surely spread their venom to our 
allies at Pennsic. We must support our allies even more in the face of this 
diplomatic attack. We must remind the snake people why they hide in the 
swamps! For those who cannot make the trek to the mighty Pennsic war now is 
the time to prepare for the travels to Glean Abhann. Gulf War is closer than 
anyone would like to think. Supplies must be gathered and the armies must be 

It is not just sufficient to destroy them on all of the fields of battle they 
must bow low against the might of our artisans they must drown in the hours of 
our service. Now is the time to make ready. The very air we breath is the air 
of victory. Breathe deeply my good friends know the taste so that when we 
travel to the kingdom of Glean Abhann and the foul stench of Trimaris is in 
the air we will know what victory taste like even before the battle begins.

By my hands do I put words to page and send this to you.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn  ap Llewellyn ap Gruffudd ap Gwent ap Bredd ap 
Camden ap Anarward Marchog of Ansteorra

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