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_*SCA in the News: Volume 1, Issue 20 - July 5-18, 2007*__*
*_ _*
Fight Clubs <http://www.madison.com/tct/mad/topstories/200301>*_
The Capital Times, Wisconsin
Setting the scene for the battle that is about to take place, Erickson 
divides the group into two parallel lines and stands between them. 
Gesturing to an imaginary border, Erickson says that "there is lava on 
each side. You will be instantly vaporized if you " His description is 
lost on the breeze.
*_Jousting Warriors Recall Eras_* 
Courier Press, Indiana
"Well fought!" shouted Andrea Lutz as an armored combatant crumpled to 
the ground a few yards in front of her. The man had had the temerity to 
challenge her favored warrior, Lord Ceanntighern, and had paid the 
ultimate price.
**_Visitors Head Back in Time_* 
The Journal News, West Virginia
"I wanted something that was safe and taught good values and something 
for the whole family," Kinyon said. "So far it's done that."

_*Local History Geeks Celebrate Anachronism 
Kansan.com, Kansas
It's like kind of stripping away from the modern world for a little 
while," Brandt said. "It's that moment when you see modern things but 
you don't register them," Brandt said. "Sometimes its speeding, 
sometimes it lasts forever. You have hours where you forget where you 
are without ever really losing track of yourself."

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