[Ansteorra] Shameless plug department- Steppes Artisan

Margarite McBridin (mail lists) lists at bmhanson.net
Thu Jul 19 14:29:46 PDT 2007

Yeah, OK, I accept the challenge as well. :)

HL Margarite and HL Katya (AKA The List Babes) will be teaching a class - "The Art of the List."

This class will include recommendations on running all kinds of tourneys, including the format instituted (and probably continued ad infinitum) at Warlord XXXIV this year. Man, the fighters really liked that!  

This class is for everyone - people who have never run a list, people who have run lists and are interested in our way, fighters who want to know why the winner has to bring the card (not the loser or the herald), etc.  

We look forward to seeing you there/  I can guarantee it will be fun as HL Katya and I know how to do nothing less.
As an added bonus, we _may_ tell you when, where, and how we got our names; and, no, we didn't name ourselves.  
:) :) :)
HL Margarite (aka Cookie Babe)
HL Katya (aka PB Babe)

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