[Ansteorra] A Lamas Day Tribute!

Aislyn of Glynwyrd Fen aislyn_glynwyrd_fen at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 20 07:05:57 PDT 2007

Their Excellencies of Elfsea invite one and all to:

A Lamas Day Tribute

August 17th -19th
Mustang Park, 3600 Winscott Plover Rd., Benbrook Lake, Ft Worth TX

Come join us for fun and frolic in our traditional Lamas Day tribute.
Lamas Day was held on August 1st and was a day for silliness and fun!

Water Melees for Young and Old
Hobby horse races
Fun Noodle Joust
Gaming Pavilion
A Chinese Tile Road
Bread Tasting Contest & Foot Races (Traditional entertainment for Lamas Day)
Adults Only Slumber Party on the List Field

And a The King of Phooles Court!

For heavy and light lists we have the following:
Valhalla Circle of Death Torchlight Tourney
Snowball Melees
Archery with Various Targets
Our A&S competition will be Sumu noGeijutsu (living art)

The Bardic Competitions:
Firewalkers Competition
Most Outrageous Piece

Drink Making Competition:
Mead / Cordials
Favourite Household Concoctions

Silent Auction
Items needed for auction Friday night. Auction ends 10am Saturday so people 
can use what they have purchased. We are looking for Gear for New Comers!

SCA101 –Papillion
Bardic Heckling -Master Darius
Beginning Spinning- Mistress Rosalia
Ansteorran History- Duchess Willow DeWisp

T-Tunic Construction (pm) – Ascelyn
Wood Block Prints – Roger Redhand
Basic Origami- Christine
Archery for Everyone (am) - Ascelyn

There will be a tavern run by Caravan of the Weeping Wolf

Please be advised the main gate closes at 10pm Friday all who arrive after 
10 will have to leave your cars. Site opens at 4pm Friday and closes 12 noon 

Site fee is $7 for adults; $5 children under 18; $3 surcharge for 
non-members will apply. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 
They may also attend with a 21 year old or older adult with signed and 
notarized Minor Event Waiver from parents. More information may be found at: 

Autocrat - Anistashia Rudrefer /Amber Cook 817-277-6107;  
anistashiasaccents at hotmail.com
Co-Autocrat - Xue Xian-Xian; angelinblackink at yahoo.com
Autocrat in training Yagyu Masamori Nobunaga, 817-249-1423; 
jakecurda at yahoo.com

Site location information:  Take your best route to I-20, Exit 377 South, 
left on Hwy 1187 go 1.4 miles, left 1.4 miles, veer right 2.8 miles. Gate 
straight ahead don’t follow the road to the right. You can find a map here:

Ascelyn of Glentewrde
Seneschal, Barony of Elfsea &
Central Regional Missile Marshal
Per bend Sinister Gules and Or, a Unicorn Argent and a Rose Proper

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