[Ansteorra] class schedule for August 4

Genevria di Betto genevria at cox.net
Mon Jul 23 19:06:46 PDT 2007

Good Gentles,

Here is the class schedule for August 4.  Please come and join us for a day of great classes and then gather at the park for a cook out.  Fighters are also welcome to come to the regional fighter practice being held that afternoon at the park.  There is something for everyone.  If you have any questions, please just let me know, or check out the web page at http://namron.ansteorra.org/events/laurelfieldday.html.

All of the tracks are not full as we were able to get several rooms reserved for the day.  So if you were thinking of teaching something, please let me know and I will be happy to add you to the schedule.

The Classes---
Track 1


10:00 Norse Nalbinding,  Mammen Stitch (2 hours) by Faolan Macfarland


2:00 An Over view of Period Embroidery by Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere, OL 

3:00 Beginning Black Work by Margarite du Battenhelm

4:00 Your Embroidery Project with Mistress Gwyneth and HL Margarite


Track 2

10:00 Design Your Own Beer by Oxlade Lachlan MacKinnon, OL

11:00 About Beer, A Discussion with Oxlade Lachlan MacKinnon, OL


2:00  On Herbs by Abdullah Mohammed ben a Asani

3:00 culinary use of spices and herbs by Katherine atte Unicorn


Track 3

10:00 Bardic On Your fingers by Tiggy

11:00 History of Jestery by Sebastiana Gerynot Fanelli


2:00 Story Telling (two hour class) by Finnacan Dub, OL 

4:00 Poetic Aerobics by Ulf


Track 4

9:00 to 12:00 Making Leather Scabbards by Tadhg macAedain uiConchobhair


3:00 Basic Garb:  Construction of a T-tunic and Bog Dress by Meraud de Dun Carraig 


Track 4

10:00 Cotton Spinning by Debroa bat Yosef

11:00 Soap Stone Casting by Damon Hroarsson,

            With a follow up at the park following fighter practice.


2:00 List mistressing 101 by Maleah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah 

3:00 Beginning Calligraphy, the Uncial Alphabet (two hours) by David


 Track 5 

2:00 Basic to Intermediate Middle Eastern Dance by Fayidah binte Asad umm Jawhar






9-12 Pierced Metal Work by Aethelstan Aethelmearson, Ol

Structural Soldering by Beorhtlic Folcwinesone, OL

Forge Craft by Tarl Godric, OL

Painted Wallhanging Workshop by (Stacia) Anastacia Marie Travarra, OL

Nalbinding by arrangement with Alix Tiberga, OL 


email: genevria at cox.net

phone:  405.310.6708

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