[Ansteorra] Bards Prepare - Gothic Approaches!

HL Mea Passavanti mea.passavanti at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 13:20:12 PDT 2007

Your Excellencies -

Your humble bardic champion begs Your forgiveness...perhaps it is mine own
fault that You are being so cruelly challenged by the Baron of Elfsea? I
despair that I may not of sung the praises of the Wonders that is Bonwicke
and the Western Region Long enough... Loud enough. To this end, I beseech
you. My time as Your champion draws to a close very soon... in fact it shall
end at this testing that is to occur. I would ask that You grant me the
opportunity to test Your future bardic champion. Let them bring their
creativity, and their wits for they will need them both.

I propose that that they bring 1 piece of their choosing... and be prepared
to also draw from the box of inspiration. Within this box are subjects dear
to Your lands and to our Kingdom. They may choose the subject, but I shall
choose the style of performance. There are other small details... but I
wished for Your permission before setting them forth. I await Your answer.

With humble heart,

 HL Mea Passavanti
Coastal Regional Hospitaler
and Bard of Bonwicke

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