[Ansteorra] website ideas

Goldweard goldweard at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 27 11:54:26 PDT 2007

You canbuild and host a website for relatively little
money.  I recommend   using godaddy.com to act as the
host fo your server.    a php server will run you 4.00
a month.  there is a softwareprogram included in the
site known as phpshop  this is a free shopping cart
program that will let you set up a full online
catalogue.  If you are looking for a bigger site with
such things as articles on how to build period
encampments and such and offer advertising to other
companies then I would suggest using the program
entitled joomla for the content management software.  
There is a slight learning curve to getting the system
online, but you can simply add as many features
through the implementation of modules that you wish.  

You can get free templates until you hire someone to
design a template customized for your site, or make
one yourself.   if you are at all familure with hml it
is not difficult to build a template.   simply
download a template you like and use it as a base to
learn to make the website you want.

I use mambo/joomla for all my client' web projects and
push clients to use this piece of software as it will
allow any number of features including shopping carts,
forums etc.

If you have any further questions feel freeto contact
me off-list.


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