[Ansteorra] ISO: The Following Asian Personae in Ansteorra

Andrew Benton spearweasel at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 28 08:43:45 PDT 2007

O Gracious Populace of Ansteorra,
  I'd like to rassle up these individuals, if possible. They are all  Asian personae, mostly Japanese and Mongol, scattered around the  kingdom, and I don't know how many are on these lists. This started as  an Ansteorra-only project, but it has expanded to include everyone...  still, we have an unusually strong presence, and I'd like to see us  lead. 
  Bonus Feature Extra - The Samurai Ansteorra Mon  - Enjoy... this one was just for fun, and isn't official. But if I ever  have the honor of fighting in a war for Ansteorra's glory, it's what  I'd fly. 
    If you see the following individuals, can you let them know about the SCA Asian Persona Survey?
  Asian Persona in Ansteorra
  Takayama Aki no Tsuru, Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX)
  Lord Toshiro Koi, Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX)
  Lord Chiang Ti Lung, Bonwicke (Lubbock, TX)
  Tarquin Gateslayer, Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
  Master Jin Liu Chang, Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
  Tatsumi Tomoko, Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX)
  Iji Shiroinami, Gate's Edge (Houston, TX)
  Tora no Ansteorra, Gate's Edge (Houston, TX)
  Lord Belgutei Batar, Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)
  Lord Kugara of Moonschadowe, Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK)
  Sakurai Sakami, Namrom Hills (Norman, OK)
  Ikijima Katsutoshi, Northkeep (Tulsa, OK)
  Lord Souma no Taro Tatsu'aki, Skorragardr (Shawnee, OK)
  Kinoshita Zenjirou Yoshimitsu, Weisenfeuer (Oklahoma City, OK)
  Odawara Taro Yoshinobu, Elfsea (Fort Worth, TX)
  Kaneki Ryuto Akimutsu, Steppes (Dallas, TX)
  Fujiwara Kintarou Takaharu, Seawinds (Corpus Christi, TX)
  Kuragari Kagemasa, Raven's Fort (Huntsville, TX)
  Mungentuya, Tír Medóin (Temple, TX)
  Kenichi Tsubame, Brad Leah (Wichita Falls, TX)
  Kamaitachi no Kansuke
  aka "Spearweasel"

If you were a poor Indian with no weapons, and a bunch of conquistadors came up to you and asked where the gold was, I don't think it would be a good idea to say, "I swallowed it. So sue me."

-Jack Handey
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