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_*SCA in the News: Volume 1, Issue 21 - July 19-29, 2007*__*
*_ _*
Blade Builder: Master Swordsmith Hones His Craft 
Times Herald-Record, New York
So, why did Lundemo take to sword fighting? "It's exhilarating," he 
said. "It's a good workout. It's exciting. It's risky. It's stupid. It's 
insane. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I've been to the 
hospital so many times."
*_Good Old Times_* 
Peninsula Clarion, Alaska
"It's not a great way to pick a ruler because you want a sensible one," 
she said laughing. "Our kings have been hit in the head several times, 
but they choose sensible queens."
**_Swords Clash in Salt Lake Park_* 
Deseret Morning News, Utah
Karen Houston, better known as Bengta Rolssotter ("Ralph's daughter"), 
used to enjoy a good battle until she needed a knee replacement. Now she 
prefers Nordic weaving. "It was fun to visit schools, bang on my shield, 
then pull off my metal helmet to shake out my long hair," she says. Even 
at 60, "grandmas can wear medieval battle boots," she says.

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