[Ansteorra] Date of the event that Ansteorra got its name

Charlene Charette clclists1 at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 4 23:16:00 PDT 2007

willowdewisp at juno.com wrote:
> Dear Gentles
> I am selling a bracelet and necklace I wore to The Collegum. This was the gathering that we decided on the name of the region now know as Ansteorra. I can not find the date of this event and I am writing a letter to go with the jewelery. Could someone give me the date, pretty please?
> Duchess Willow de Wisp

I'm not sure if this will help narrow it down.  This is from the Sep, 
1976 BOD mins ( http://www.sca.org/BOD/minutes/1977/1977-09.pdf ):

"It is moved seconded and carried that the region of Anstoria be 
approved as a principality."


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