[Ansteorra] OT?: SCA baby

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Tue Jul 10 09:06:55 PDT 2007

> About the body harness: The people that give you grief about 
> them have 
> obviously never chased a 2 year old through the mall, so tell 
> them that. 
> When my kid starts walking, that's the first thing I'm 
> buying. I've at least 
> had enough experience chasing my niece through the mall that 
> I think a body 
> harness is God's gift to mankind.

This is true, and I think it works great for most people. Both of my girls
are *tiny*, and when they started walking, the smallest harness I could find
was still way too big, and they could just slip out! So we had to learn the
"no, hold mommy's hand" or "stay HERE" routine quickly instead.

One thing I forgot -- court! I'm a court junkie (herald, go figure), so
we've always gone. My youngest still calls SCA events "vivat". "Mama, we go
vivat?" Both girls can do the whole closing court litany... And yes, even
then court does get boring for little ones, particularly in the middle, so I
try to sit near an edge where I can slip out to the back when needed.

-Emma de Fetherstan

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