[Ansteorra] Question on: weaving finishes

Haraldr Bassi (Ansteorra lists) ansteorra at haraldr.drakkar.org
Tue Jul 10 14:11:36 PDT 2007

You don't mention the style of weaving. If it is tablet woven, you can 
use a technique of dropping cards every few turns, weaving normally. 
This creates a narrowing tapered tongue at the end of the belt. 
Depending on the style of the threading would determine where in the 
pack of cards you would be dropping the cards out. You would want to 
either cut the ends of the warp at the fell or bring them out and back 
across as the weft during the tapering. I don't know there is any one 
true way to finish a belt, however cutting things as you go doesn't 
leave you much room to change your mind should you not like the results, 
please think it through before cutting things.

In contrast you can always end the weaving, cut it, hem stitch it to 
hold the ends together and use a metal belt end to protect the cut end.

If it's a flat weaving narrow work project, like modern inkle weaving or 
some other form of rigid heddle style weaving, you could use a similar 
taper but would want to incorporate the edge warps as the wefts of the 
taper, bringing them in from both sides simultaneously, trimming them 
can wait until after you are done with the taper but no sooner than 
after they have passed through at least one to three weft throws.

The taper thing can be practiced on scrap warp before you do it for real 
at the end of a long belt project :)

Haraldr Bassi, Bjornsborg (formerly Frosted Hills, East)

Gwynafwy Sinclaire wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
>   I know that we all have many great ideas.  I need a few...  I am looking for some different ways of finishing a woven belt.  I have done the knots, the wrapping and the "net makers" design. I would like to try something new.  Do you have any ideas?
>   I thank you for your help.
>   Gwynafwy

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