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When my son was 3, I used a chest harness with leash. It was a life saver, 
as my son loved to take off in a store and hide in the clothes racks... 
especailly the round ones. He is 21 now, so you know how long these have 
been around. I had a woman yell at me about treating my son like an animal. 
I just looked at her, and told her to piss off. This was coming from a woman 
whos own children at that very moment were running crazy in the store. Which 
I pointed out to her and everyone else that was staring. I also said in a 
very calm but loud voice that at least my child was not running amuck nor 
was he going to run out infront of a car or get kidnapped from me while he 
was on his harness. A few peeps cheered me and the lady became extremely red 
in the face and stormed off.. yelling at her own children to stop running 

As long as what you use to keep your children safe and under control, isn't 
harmful or unsafe... tell anyone who tries to tell you different, to bugger 

Maire O'Halowrane

>From the area formerly known as Middleford

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> After reading all of the posts on this i felt i had to chime in.  i have
> never used one of these on my son but now sometimes i wish i had.  there 
> is
> another type of safety that hasent been brought to up yet.  i had one of
> these used on my when i was young and it saved my life.  my family was at
> the grand canyon and to make a long story short i went over the side. 
> that
> leash saved my life.  so when i have more kids ill use one and applaud the
> pleople that do now.
> Yis
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