[Ansteorra] Inca's in Norway???

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On Fri, Jul 13, 2007 at 08:58:05AM -0500, agnarr wrote:
> I found this news article and it is something to think about if this turns out to be true.
> http://www.norwaypost.no/cgi-bin/norwaypost/imaker?id=87357
> Agnarr

It's sensation, not science. 

Body X, found in Scandinavia, has a particular deformation of the 

Bodies A-W, found in South America, have until now been the only 
bodies in which that particular deformation has been seen. 

The journalist concludes that Body X must be from South America. 

A _reasonable_ person would conclude that the cause of the deformation
may be more widespread than previously known, or that Body X had the
same deformation as a result of a mutation or disease which was unique
to Body X in the Scandinavian population. 

If Bodies 1-25, also found in Scandinavia, exhibit the same skeletal 
deformation, _then_ it becomes a much more interesting problem, but 
so far there's only Body X, from which the journalist generalizes. 
It is unwise to generalize from a single instance. 

The journalist is in the business of whipping up circulation, which he
does by shouting "Zebra!" and pointing, every time he hears hoofbeats.
I'm more likely to look at the source, say "Horses again", and go back
to whatever I was doing. 

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