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Yes in Stargate Sir Rhodri headed up a Pages Guild here. 
We had roughly 6 youths in it but it was geared more for the pre-teen and teens. 
How it would work is an adult would get with Rhodri and say I would like someone to help me with my armor at such and such event and then for that day you would have your "page"  and in return you would cover their site and feast cost and train share your knowledge with the page. 

If I remeber correctly we had two girls, and 5 boys. however this is almost 20 years ago so my mind could be faulty. 

It was run we would get together once a month a dicuss things. Normally that meant Rhodri had to drive all over Houston to pick us all up but he did it so that we culd converse and get our feelings and thoughts out there. 

In my time growning up in the SCA as a child from the age of 6 to 32. I think the people who have  personally been on the lookout of making sure our kids do not go unnoticed  & who made the biggest impact on my life in the sca have been  
Rhodri, Cadi, Tessa, Simon, Pippa, William, Edwina ( sp?) , Lissa ( who taught all of us how to be ladies) , Vashti, Rowen,  Vald, David Gallowglass ( when at a lake and kids wanted to get in the water he would always stop fighting and take the kids to the lake and then actually get in and play).. and I can't leave out John the Plain. 


"Manners, Tabitha" <tabitha.manners at okstate.edu> wrote:     Greetings.  I have a question that is a bit our of the blue as far
    topics on the list go, but I was wondering (since several I've
talked to
    have heard the same rumors, but have not known specifics):=20
    Does anyone remember a time when Ansteorra had a page school or did
    mentorships for children?  I'm doing a little bit of research and
    appreciate any information you can provide on these types of
    that either proceeded or were used in conjunction with the current
    program. I would also appreciate any opinions as to what worked and
    didn't with these.  Thank you.

    Lady Liliana Byrnes
    MoC, Province of Mooneshadowe

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