[Ansteorra] Gothic Call To Arms! [LONG]

Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Tue Jul 24 12:48:08 PDT 2007

Unto the valiant of Elfsea and her noble friends, to whom these words do
reach, do I, Baron Armand Dragonetti, call into service!

Following the King's Round Table, we are well pleased at the current state
of Elfsea. Blessed with resources, exceptional peoples, strong finances, and
impressive fortifications. One would expect the nobility to be comfortable
under such conditions. But verily I say unto you, that for twelve days,
there has been no peaceful slumber to be found by your humble Baron. For
upon each night, just past the midnight hour, have I been awakened by a most
unsettling dream. It is the same each night.

I am upon my steed, returning from a pleasant week of celebration with
Baroness Katheryn Cunningghame and Their Majesties Ansteorra following
Katheryn's investiture. As I ride west for home, the sun is setting as I
gain sight of Elfsea's eastern castle wall. A smile finds my face as the
sun's rays halo around my beloved home. But as I draw closer, the smile
begins to vanish as I realize the brilliance is not from the sun's rays, but
from the flames now engulfing my beloved home. Elfsea has been overrun!
Animals slaughtered! Farmlands ablaze! The lifeless forms of longtime
friends and vassals, litter the courtyard. With weeping around every corner
and wailing cries heard in the distance. Surveying the scene, I find the
attack came from the west and left Elfsea to the north. Looking anxiously
for any signs of hope, I hear a voice from on high say "For did thee rest in
peace, so shall thee rest evermore!" and as I turn, all grows suddenly black
as another more distant voice echoes "As Elfsea retires, so too Eldern...."
and I awaken, startled and drenched in my bed chamber.

Distraught by this horrific sequence, each evening do I dread the setting of
the sun. With advisors close at hand, we look about the kingdom and what do
we find? To the north, vibrant leaders and good relations with the
Calontiri. To the east, the strength of Steppes and Rosenfeld fostering
close ties with a young Gleann Abhann. The mighty baronies and shires of the
Coast and South, with veteran soldiers at the ready. And West, intrepid
warriors and a hearty populace with fair and talented leaders.

Upon closer inspection I see my cousin, Baron Kainin Tepesa, Lord Bonwicke,
taking up the noble cause of chronicling the affairs of the kingdom. A
worthy endeavor, to be sure, but his travels take him far from Bonwicke.
While the name Ruspoli still engenders fear in the land, is it not unwise to
leave Bonwicke for such long periods of time? While the West has proven to
muster adequate defense, given several months to prepare, should an
aggressive adversary descend suddenly, I fear Bonwicke's fate and that of my
friends in the region could be swift. Has my cousin grown over-confident?
That he can journey for extended periods of time, far from home? If Bonwicke
were overrun, what next? Our beloved Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor? The shires
of Loch Ruadh and Emerald Keep, the shining canton of Glaslyn, indeed the
whole of the Central region, perhaps remote parts of the Northern as well.
Surely, prudence dictates they share a margin of concern here.

My oath of fealty to safeguard the lands entrusted to me by Their Majesties,
King Ulsted and Queen Ebergardis, compels me to confirm my suspicions or lay
them to rest. Thus, I have issued forth a challenge to my good cousin, the
Baron of Bonwicke, to meet with me at the end of this month, to test his
readiness in short order. Not to cast irrevocable harm upon my friends and
kinsmen, but to fortify them! For if they prove ready, all is well and our
benevolent crown may be at ease. If weakness is uncovered, then again, we
shall have served our Sovereign by exposing Kainin's complacency before our
enemies do so. 

If Baron Kainin, is indeed ill-prepared, the crown shall have immediate need
to assign stewards to the vast unprotected crown lands in the West, and
those Peers, Knights, Masters-At-Arms and Dons, who join my mission will
surely be rewarded with an increase in their estates. Regardless, all shall
enjoy abundant beef and ale during the evenings festivities following our

So what say you? Our cause is just, let your heart be at ease. Will you
answer the call-to-arms and join me at the ancient Gothic War site? Will you
take pride in hardening the steel of the Western forces as well as our own,
for the benefit of the entire kingdom? Or will you remain at home, cozy in
your cottages and luxurious country manors, to leave your safety to others? 

For those noble of heart and strong in honor, the choice is simple. Join
Baron Armand, the Elfsea Guard and the Defenders of Elfsea in this crusade
to safeguard the kingdom!!! Pray, send word to me and the general of our
forces, Count Romanius, current chivalric Defender of Elfsea, to have your
name duly chronicled in the history of Ansteorra. We shall also note those
who do not answer the call, and reassess their equitable taxation. So to
your own heart...be true!

In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I remain,
His Excellency Armand Dragonetti
Bloody Baron of Elfsea
Lord Dragonsfire Tor
Watch Guard of the West

Nec Hostium Timete Nec Amicum Recusate
Fear No Enemy, Deny No Friend 

> From: HE Kainin Tepesa
> Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 12:28 PM
> Greetings unto my cousin of Elfsea,
> Again, I read your missive and find myself confused. I
> had thought that we put this matter behind us, after
> our conversation in the good Shire of the Shadowlands.
> Then I return home and find this letter with your
> "challenge", and I cannot help but wonder at what
> changed so quickly.
> Whatever your motivations or whims, I cannot let a
> challenge like this go unanswered. Although, it was
> pointed out to me, by a good friend, that in the
> ancient laws of courtesy and the chivalric rites, that
> he who is challenged receives the choice of weapon and
> venue, not the challenger. So your challenge would
> seem to be more open threat than a challenge of honor,
> but I am sure that you just forgot these traditions
> and meant no true harm.
> As it stands, I will accept your terms, as given, and
> march my forces toward your lands in six weeks time.
> There we shall meet, between our great Baronies, and
> we shall test the mettle of the West, that you seem so
> keen on disparaging. However, good cousin, you will
> need to bring additional blunted weapons with you, for
> the only swords that the warriors of the West use are
> sharpened as a razors edge; we keep our blunted
> weapons for the training of our children.
> Also, my lady's honor is a separate matter, and Her
> Excellency's champions, past and present, and the
> whole of the rapier community of the West, have taken
> issue with your words. I suggest that you bring
> whatever Dons, Cadets and un-scarfed fighters you can
> find with you; I feel that you are going to need them.
> In service and care of the lands of our Crown,
> Kainin Tepesa
> Baron of Bonwicke
> --- Dragonetti <dragonetti at generich.com> wrote:
> > Greetings and felicitations, unto you, young cousin,
> > 
> > While tis true that I have a few years on you, I
> > trust you did not mean to
> > insinuate diminished mental capacities in this
> > *aged* cousin of yours. I
> > implore you to re-read my previous missive. You seem
> > to imagine some
> > accusation of infidelity, that is not there. Indeed,
> > to the contrary, I
> > applaud and acknowledge Her Excellency's recent
> > elevation. (Note the capital
> > "M" in that missive.) However, your public displays
> > of affection provides
> > fodder to those who oppose the current nobility.
> > This just confirms my fear
> > that your judgment is currently compromised.
> > 
> > Now rest assured, cousin, that I have every faith in
> > the fortitude of the
> > populace of Bonwicke and the Western region. I am
> > blessed to number many, my
> > friends in the West and have rallied forces to help
> > protect your lands on
> > more than one occasion. With the luxury of many
> > months to gather your
> > allies, I have no doubt you can muster adequate
> > defense. However, from a
> > swift invasion of an aggressive adversary, I fear
> > your demise could be
> > equally swift.
> > 
> > Therefore, I issue you this challenge, dear cousin.
> > I propose to bring, in a
> > mere six weeks time, a small contingent to your
> > borders, with blunted
> > weapons, to *test* your readiness in *games* of war.
> > If you fail or refuse
> > this challenge then I shall implore the crown to
> > grant the stewardship of
> > those unprotected crown lands of the Western region
> > to my care and
> > management. In the unlikely event that you prove
> > yourself indeed prepared, I
> > shall beg your forgiveness and commission my most
> > accomplished Bards to laud
> > your virtues for future generations. What say you? 
> > 
> > I view this as my duty, honor and privilege, to do
> > all in my power to
> > safeguard the Crown's lands, as I take my vows of
> > fealty to heart. And to
> > those who shall join me in this noble cause, may
> > your hearts be at ease.
> > There is no honor lost in hardening the steel of our
> > fighting forces. This
> > endeavor is just.
> > 
> > So what say you, Baron Kainin? Can you put aside
> > your gentler pursuits long
> > enough to reassure me?
> > 
> > Again, I await your swift reply.
> > 
> > In the service of kingdom & crown, I remain,
> > Baron Armand Dragonetti
> > Lord Elfsea

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