[Ansteorra] Gothic Call To Arms!

Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Wed Jul 25 08:56:18 PDT 2007

Unto the most venerable Don Tivar Moondragon, does Armand Dragonetti, Lord
Elfsea, send respectful greetings,

Noble Don, I have received your words and am sincerely distressed. Highly
regarded are thee, your leadership in the kingdom is undeniable. How then am
I able to reconcile thy words? Generosity compels me to conclude you simply
have not seen all that has transpired. 

Had you been privy to all, you would have seen that I merely expressed
concern, and was met with indignation. I proposed a test with blunted
weapons and was met with threats of razor-edged steel. Who is the aggressor
here? Certainly not I, for I have only the safety of the kingdom in mind.
Not once have I suggested wresting control of Bonwicke from His Excellency,
but rather only to assist, at the pleasure of the Crown, with the vast
unprotected *crown* lands in the Western Region. 

While tis true, Baron Kainin has, in the past, rallied support to defend
Ansteorra's western frontier quite well, he was able to do so while vigilant
in Bonwicke. His current ambitions frequently take him far from Bonwicke to
chronicle the history of the kingdom, or to so give the appearance. I take
umbrage at your accusation that I question the Crown's judgment here. As you
are well aware, our crown hails from the Coastal Region and cannot be
everywhere at once. It is my very obligation and loyalty to the crown that
elicits my current action.

Now if you choose to continue insinuations of sedition, I must conclude it a
consequence of HE Kainin's position with control of the press. But the truth
will prevail, and I implore you to look closely at recent events. Such love,
loyalty and enthusiasm for one of my cousins is touching, but I pray you,
let not blind faith cloud your judgment. My conscience is clean, choose
carefully your words, my friend.

With all due respect,
Armand Dragonetti
Lord Elfsea

> From: Chris Zakes
> Unto His Excellency Armand Dragonetti, Baron of Elfsea,
>  From Tivar Moondragon,
> My lord, I am appalled by the claims you are making against the 
> worthy Baron Kainin. Do you truly think our Crown is so foolish as to 
> entrust the Western borders to a man who would sit complacently by 
> while outlaws ravage the Kingdom? His Excellency has proven numerous 
> times that he is well able to defend the kingdom against outlaws, 
> invaders or anyone else who would dare disrupt the peace of 
> Ansteorra. To doubt Baron Kainin's ability to defend Ansteorra is, at 
> best, mistaken and at worst, madness. To question the Crown's wisdom 
> in this matter comes perilously close to treason.
> In truth, Your Excellency, this "test of readiness" that you propose 
> seems little more than a thinly-veiled attempt to wrest the lands of 
> Bonwicke from their rightful overlord and add them to your own 
> holdings. As such it should be opposed by all freedom-loving 
> Ansteorrans. I suspect the horrific dream you've been having is no 
> more than the outpouring of your own guilty conscience.
> 	-Tivar Moondragon
> 		Bryn Gwlad

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