[Ansteorra] semi OT: Need opinions on a SCA related website idea

Brandon McDermott brandonsmcd at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 27 09:37:44 PDT 2007

Craigslist is awesome as well. It is totally free to use.

Michael Silverhands <silverhands at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
On Jul 26, 2007, at 8:47 AM, Mike Dudley wrote:

> On my way to work today, I had an idea for a website. A 
> classified ads
> website, dedicated to SCA related items. Could include mundane 
> stuff, like
> tents and other camp gear, but its main focus would be things more SCA
> specific, like armor, period tents, books, etc. Also an outlet for 
> SCA'ers
> who are not full time merchants, but occasionally make period 
> products.
> Not to leave the full time merchants out, there would probably be a 
> section
> for full time merchants to post their websites, and sales, and 
> possible
> banner ads.
> Need opinions on whether it would be worth my effort to create this.
> Would you use it? Does something like this already exsist?
> Thanks in Advance
> -- 
> - Lord Collwyn O'Snowdon

Sounds like a great idea. However, you can use eBay for the same 
purpose. As a buyer, if you log in to eBay and search for "SCA" as a 
keyword, you get lots of hits. As a seller, all you need to do is 
include "SCA" in the auction title and description.

A separate, non-fee-based website might be a great alternative, 
however. I wonder how you'd fund it, though, if it wasn't either fee- 
based or hosted ads. Out of your pocket? PayPal donations? Just 
thinking out loud...

Good luck in any case!

Kind regards,

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