[Ansteorra] apprentice vs. protege

Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 11:16:55 PDT 2007

Apprentices are under the tutalage and guidence of a Laurel as they perfect
their art form. Protegees are under the tutalage and guidence of a Pelican
as they perfect their service.

Rights and responsiblities are as individual as the people involved. Some
Laurels and Pelicans may require an oath of fealty; others may not. Some
Laurels and Pelicans form a household from their apprentices and protegees
and others may not.

Hope this helped.
Primary motto: "Muneris ultra Sanitas" *translation* "Service beyond Sanity"
Secondary motto: "Taedium duos limbus pro salus" *Literal translation*
"Wearing two girdles for safety" *Modern Meaning* "Suspenders and a belt"

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