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I love mine! 15 X 15 square. Can be set up with two people. Made it to three Gulf Wars so far and numerous local events since 2004 ( maybe 10 times up). We bought it on ebay for something like $600 without poles.
I did replace the grommets with brass ones. The first ones included had rusted and made little brown circles on the canvas. They are comparable to Panther with little adjustments like these. My ropes are sewn in and it has a decorative edge on the inside unlike any Panthers I have seen.
See decorative edge here behind HRM Romanius:
Without walls mine is the one shown here:  http://www.seawinds.org/images/Coronation%202005/slides/Coronation2004UlsteadII%20027.html
With all the poles in, sides on, and all the ropes staked .. there is no dip. I absolutely love Baroness Jan's bell wedge. Big enough for most anything.
 Hope this helps,

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Lord Robert,
  Thanks for the link and info.  These look like good solid tents, but how do 
they measure up when compared to the Panthers?
  Herr Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen

Randy Nicholson <rnicholson2 at gvtc.com> wrote:
  For about the same price you could buy a period tent (I know you said that
you didn't want a period tent yet) from Midwest Tent.


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