[Ansteorra] Lilies War

Roller, Dawn Dawn.Roller at aa.com
Fri Mar 2 10:57:07 PST 2007

Good Day, Green Belts!

Ly Constance and I would like to extend an invitation to all
apprentices in attendance at this upcoming Lilies War to join in an
evening gathering to meet and greet each other. This is a chance for 
all green-belt artisans to enjoy some social interaction with their
fellow peers, without their Peers. ;)

The gathering is being planned for early in the week of Lilies in the
RUSH area (watch the Lilies schedule for more specifics). Since this 
is a chance for the apprentices to hang out and share our talents with
each other, it is asked that you consider bringing a dish or beverage
to share with all.

More details will be forthcoming as Lilies War draws closer.  

Until then,
al-Sayyid Abu'l-Basir Jibril ibn Najdah ibn Zayd al-`Attar al-
Apprentice to Master Mellitus of Rouncivale

Lady Contance Wilkicke
Apprentice to HE Mistress Amanda of Coldcastle 

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