[Ansteorra] A few things GW rapier fighters might want to know...

James Crouchet james at crouchet.com
Mon Mar 5 15:05:13 PST 2007

A few new items/changes for rapier fighters for Gulf War.

1. Ansteorra will repeat our restriction from last year on blade length.
That is, fighters shall not use a longer blade in war melees than they
are accustomed to using. So, don't plan on buying that new 45 inch
Darkwood blade just before taking it into the Rapier Field Battle. If
you plan on using a longer blade in the melees, make sure you get plenty
of practice with it before then. If that does not work out, take your
normal blade.

2. Melee engagement will *require* 2 eye contact. That is, you must be
able to see both your opponent's eyes. He does not have to be staring at
you, so long as you are in his field of vision (both eyes). Once you are
engaged with someone in a line you are engaged with everyone in that
line so once the first person drops, you can go on to the next person in
the same line without having to get new engagement. However, this is
rapier so even if you have engagement you cannot hit someone in the
back, even if they turn away from you. Their back 180 degree arc is not
a target in a melee. To disengage you must get 15 feet away from your
opponent(s). If anyone does not understand what the back 180 is, find me
at the war and I will explain it. I can show you in 30 seconds but it
would take 5 pages to write it up.

Ok, most Ansteorrans are use to this standard but this will be the
standard for everyone, not just Ansteorra. In some past years other
kingdoms did not have to gain the 2-eye engagement in rapier. This year
they do. However, many will not be use to this so be aware they may make
mistakes. Let them know. Be polite but firm and don't get mad. It is
hard to learn to fight like an Ansteorran.

3. Running. To quote the Gulf War rules: "Units and individual fighters
can move into an engagement at a double time step as long as they slow
to safe pace before throwing an attack." Not what we are use to but
still better than before. At least we got rid of the silly power walking
units. Nuf said?

4. Avoid deliberate body to body contact in the melees and
non-Ansteorran tournaments. Yeah, I know we have been using those spiffy
new "fleeting contact" rules that allow us a lot more contact but
fighters from other kingdoms still think that if you touch them you are
molesting them (Bad touch! Bad touch!). If it happens by accident, well,
that happens but don't deliberately initiate contact. If you want to
show people in practice how we do fleeting contact that is fine with me
but make sure your opponent knows about it and is cool with it before
you "demonstrate".

To you armored crossover fighters, don't press your shield into anyone.
You can press their weapon or their shield but not their body. No actual
shoving through a line. I know this is less fun but maybe we can find
some other way for you to put that aggression to good use. Which brings
us to:

5. Don't grab blades in melee. Come on, even our rules require that your
opponent agree before blade grabbing is allowed and that ain't gonna
happen in a melee. If you do this I'll have a big armored fighter beat
you up and steal your lunch money.

Finally, did I say, "Don't be stupid,"?  Well, don't. We would have to
take you aside and tell you that you are stupid and that would be
annoying for us and embarrassing for you.

Have a good war and bop till you drop.

Christian Doré, Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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