[Ansteorra] A few things GW rapier fighters might want to know...

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace sirlyonel at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 6 09:28:06 PST 2007

Salut cozyns,

Don Christian Doré dit qe:

>1. Ansteorra will repeat our restriction from last year on blade length.
>That is, fighters shall not use a longer blade in war melees than they
>are accustomed to using. So, don't plan on buying that new 45 inch
>Darkwood blade just before taking it into the Rapier Field Battle. If
>you plan on using a longer blade in the melees, make sure you get plenty
>of practice with it before then. If that does not work out, take your
>normal blade.

Restriction? I'm confused. Beyond the vagueness of "get plenty of practice" 
and the impossibility of enforcing such a rule, how can you justify this as 
a restriction? I realize that you can argue that a swordsman with a new, 
longer rapier might be prone to overthrust. I can see that such a 
possibility warrants a warning to the less experienced swordsman. I don't 
see that this possibility warrants a universal "shall not use" restriction.

En Lyonel
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(The obstacle is the path)

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