[Ansteorra] Ansteorran Tournement at Gulf Wars

Jan Van Zandt hejanais at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 12:38:36 PST 2007

  We wish to invite all heavy combat fighters to participate in the Ansteorran Tournement on Saturday, March 17th at 9:00am at the Champions Battlefield.  Display your chivalric fighting skills for the pleasure of Their Stellar Majesties Romanius Scipio Vesperanius and Deanna della Penna.  Ansteorran warriors come forth and defend the glorious honor of our great Kingdom.
  Bring your banners and flags and be heralded onto the field.  Fighters you may bring your own herald or we will provide one for you.  The herald who puts on the most impressive show for a fighter will win a prize.  The Ansteorran Tournement is being sponsored by the Amazon Household of Ansteorra.  We will also provide a prize for the 'Best Death' on the field.  
  Heralds from all kingdoms who would like to volunteer to help with the tournement please contact Baroness Janais L'orfevre in the Rhoadd/Amazon camp in the Ansteorra encampment.  
  We look forward to the mighty show of prowess on the field,
  In Service I am
  Baroness Janais L'orfevre
  Amazon Household
  Shire of Ffynnon Gath
  Kingdom of Ansteorra

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