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Even a quart size container will cover quite an area.

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Greetings unto all branch groups within the Kingdom of Ansteorra,
I have come into possession of an amount of material commercially/industrially known as 
Safety Spheres. These are used to make the stripes on the road reflective. We've done some preliminary experimentation and find that it works best on White paint, and can be used by applying a thin coat of an enamel paint and then sprinkling it with the Safety Sphere while the paint is still wet.
If each group that wishes to have some of these "riches" brings a 3 # coffee can or 1 gallon size container to Gulf War, I will share these "riches" with the Kingdom. Come to encampment of the Barony of the Eldern Hills among the Northern Region.
Yours in Service,
Michel mac Donnchaid
Baron of the Eldern Hills
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