[Ansteorra] Gulf War Plea

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Wed Mar 7 06:27:09 PST 2007

So as I pack for Gulf Wars I find myself woefully short of things for the Above and Beyond Table in Volunteer Point.  Anyone who works 15 hours at Gulf Wars gets to choose a goody off the Above and Beyond Table.  Many people will go out and work those one or two more hours just to be able to pick something.

We all have things we don't need or use anymore, that length of trim that didn't really match the fabric you thought it would, the piece of jewelry someone gifted you that isn't really your period, those candlesticks that just never seem to come out of the feast basket.  As you make the final sweep of your home, looking for things you need to take to Gulf Wars with you, please think of the volunteers and see what small trinket or trifle you can add to your baggage.  It will be well appreciated.  If you're not going to Gulf Wars, but know someone who is, and have something you could pass along, please consider doing so.  Just bring any donations by Volunteer Point.  Thank you all in advance for your generosity.

Baroness Mercedes

Department Head - Volunteer Point

Gulf Wars XVI

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