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Carla/Ciana cianaoh at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 13:01:57 PST 2007

Just one more last attempt to remind everyone to volunteer at Gulf.  Volunteering is:

(1) a War Point, 
(2) makes the event that much more fun for everyone if each person volunteers a little time during the week, 
(3) after 15 hours you get to pick something off the Above & Beyond table, 
(4) every two hours you get a ticket for the drawing on Saturday Night, and 
(5) you can help your local official SCA group received money after the war is over.  

So show your Ansteorran Pride and come out and volunteer.

Can't wait to see you there it is going to be a GREAT WAR .... 

In Service,
Ly Ciana O'Hara
Barony of Northkeep

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Greetings Ansteorra, 

I am coming to you as the Ansteorran Coordinator for Volunteer Point at Gulf War XVI. Volunteering IS a War Point. If you are not a fighter, chivalric or rapier, or even if you are and you want to help our Kingdom win the war point......VOLUNTEER!!

Some other benefits to Volunteering are:

1. for every two (2) hours you volunteer you receive a ticket for the raffle on Saturday night (the items are donated by the wonderful merchants);
2. after fifteen (15) hours you can pick an item off of a special table at Volunteer Point; and
3. YOU can choose where your volunteer hours go. This means that you can give your hours to your local SCA group, or any Official SCA group of your choosing, and at the end of the war your chosen group will receive money from Gulf and this money is determined by the amount of hours the group has listed.

Are you new to Gulf Wars
.you want to help and do not know what you can do

or do your child(ren) want to help with the War effort??? Here are just a few places you can volunteer:

1. Children’s Activities,
2. Waterbearing (kids can help with a parent),
3. Troll,
4. Nasty-Crat (kids can help with a parent & DOUBLE POINTS), and
5. Security

For a complete list come by the Volunteer Point Tent which is near the Castle at Gulf.

If everyone at Gulf puts in just an hour or two of their time during the week it would make everyone’s war just that much more fun!!

So how about it
.come out and help, not only to make the war easier and more fun for everyone but so that we can win the Volunteer War Point.

Can’t wait to see everyone there

In Service,

Ly Ciana O’Hara
Barony of Northkeep
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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