[Ansteorra] Crown

gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 10 11:56:18 PST 2007

So, I'm planning to go to Crown.  Who can tell me something about the local motels? None of them have websites and they don't appear to be part of any chain.  I've stayed in many motels over the last 25 years in the society and what I try to avoid is:
  When I check in I find I can't bring myself to walk barefooted across the carpet.
  A "deal" for the SCA that involves rooms being renovated and exposed electric wires in the shower.
  The room shakes when the train comes by.
  A soap dispenser in the shower.
  Multiple locks on the door and/or bars on the windows.
  If anyone has first hand knoweledge of the motels on the Crown website, or would just like to warn me privately to stay 30 min. down the road at the Best Western in Big Spring<G>, please feel free.

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