[Ansteorra] Tents for Sale

Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Mon Mar 12 09:17:07 PDT 2007

Greetings from Namron!

The Barony of Namron has three GP-Medium tent liners that we would  
like to offer to groups and/or members of the Kingdom of Ansteorra.   
We will be taking bids for the tents starting immediately and closing  
April 15, 2007.  Initial price for these tents are $50 each.  These  
tents are canvas only, no poles are provided.  Photos of the three  
tents can be found at http://namron.ansteorra.org/tent123.html .

I will accept bids via both e-mail and postal service.  Phone bids  
will not be accepted. Bids must be for a specific tent (e.g. "$75 for  
tent #2").  I will send weekly updates on the current top bid for  
each tent.  Winners are responsible for transportation.

If there are any questions, please contact me in writing so I may  
address them.

In service,

Lord Thomas of Weathershear
Seneschal Namron
(m.k.a. Brad Stanley)

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