[Ansteorra] Crown

Lori Campbell countesskat at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 07:19:50 PDT 2007

> gwyneth said:
>   A "deal" for the SCA that involves rooms being renovated and
> exposed electric wires in the shower.
>   The room shakes when the train comes by.
>   A soap dispenser in the shower.
>   Multiple locks on the door and/or bars on the windows.

West Texas.  I remember one place in particular, but I have no idea 
how close it is to the Crown site (I think it is considerably north). 
It has been many long years, but just in case it is still there...
unless they've undergone a Major renovation, people would be wise to
avoid the Bales Motel (I kid you not) in Crosbyton.  Granted, they were
$10 per night so we didn't expect much.  Still, the things you listed
above, along with a small, antenna-less/knobless black & white TV, one
persistent field mouse and blue neon strip lighting outside the window,
made it a place I would definitely warn people away from. 

~ Kat M.

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