[Ansteorra] Semi-OT question... advice sought on vehicles suitible for Ansteorra camping events...

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Tue Mar 13 18:50:04 PDT 2007

Well, the FIRST tornado, we all (including the horses on site) ran and got in this big metal building where we hold court.   I still think the scary part wasn't the wind on the metal or even the air raid sirens going off, it was watching the YURT take off like a kite with my 3 children inside.
  The SECOND tornado (2 years later), someone comes into court and says "tornado watch", and , being no fool, I pulled my children out of the tent and went and checked into a motel.  When I went back to pack up the next day, my tent was completely destroyed and I had to drive around a flooded truck to get to it at all.
  After that I gave up and just camp at the Days Inn.  No more tornadoes and that was about 4years ago.

"Haraldr Bassi (ansteorra lists)" <ansteorra at haraldr.drakkar.org> wrote:

Bulgarelli Maria wrote:
> LOL ok I have to agree with the outrunning tornados
> part. 

OK... that's two references... someone needs to tell me a story :)

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