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>    Hi Charisma of Constantinople here,
>   May I ask a dumb question-what is a lion?

The Lion of Ansteorra is a non-armigerous award specific to the
kingdom of Ansteorra that is given to that person who best
exemplifies the granting Crown's ideals of the Society.  

It can be given a *maximum* of once per reign.  It is that single
treasure to which a Crown gives its greatest consideration as to whom
they shall award it.  The announcement of who is to receive a Crown's
Lion is the most-anticipated announcement of a given reign, so much
so that usually it is the last act of a Crown's reign, presented as
the last piece of business of a stepping-down Coronation court.  It
is non-armigerous (meaning it has no rank or precedence) because no
amount of rank or precedence could possibly reflect the prestige and
esteem in which these individuals are held.  There is no award in the
Society which many Ansteorrans respect more -- not peerage, not noble

It's *really cool*! 

--Serena Lascelles
Ansteorran awards & precedence junkie

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